Fifth Annual Poetry Contest

Congratulations to the winners of the 5th annual Poetry Contest!


Winner: “On First Looking into Lords of Discipline” by Margaret Sanders
First Runner Up: “A Fellow Traveler (a true tale)” by Marc Franks
Second Runner Up: “Summer Matinee” by Rebecca Bowen
Honorable Mentions: “Enter at Your Own Risk” by M. Sharon O’Connor, “A Hunter’s Moon” by Jay Wright, “The End of an Illness” by Susan Manalli, and “Seasons of Anderson, an Electric City” by Katy Glymph


Winner: “Safer” by Liza Kravchuk
First Runner Up: “Routine MRI” by Allison Lin
Second Runner Up: “A Special Gift” by Kaitlyn Cole
Honorable Mentions: “Diabetes Disaster” by Daizha Mayes, “Life” by Jayson Tucker, and “Blink” by Meredith Shumpert